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List of events:


We are reminiscing about our joint exhibition with PlayStation. It was three days filled with excitement, games, and unique experiences. We are thrilled to have been a part of this extraordinary gaming experience!

The exhibition attracted game fans and gave them the opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite titles, such as God of War. Yes, you could even meet Kratos himself!

Across six rooms, visitors could step into the worlds of games like Horizon, The Last of Us, and the aforementioned God of War. After finishing the tour, everyone had the chance to play on the PlayStation 5.



Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe is a program that ranks the 50 fastest-growing technology companies, both public and private, based on percentage revenue growth.

Winners are then selected based on the ranking of their revenue growth over the years.

award ceremony

Viva Photo Awards

VIVA! Photo Awards is a prestigious photography contest that stirs great excitement every year. This was no different during the last, fifteenth edition of the event, which took place at the Art Box Experience venue.




Horizon4Poland is an initiative aimed at the business and scientific sectors. The organized event aims to introduce participants to topics related to the Horizon Europe program, acquaint them with the offerings of Industry Contact Points, and facilitate the establishment of international partnerships.

Horizon4Poland creates a platform integrating entrepreneurs and leading innovative institutions in Poland with European and foreign partners, which in turn promotes greater activity in Horizon Europe program competitions. Horizon Europe is the largest research and innovation support program in the history of the European Union.


Philipp Plein

At Art Box Experience, we merge multiple worlds: entertainment, science, and digital technology. PHILIPP PLEIN shares a similar philosophy, representing a fusion of art, design, and fashion.

We had the honor of hosting Philipp in person at the recent event dedicated to his new fragrance. We also had a premiere viewing of paintings inspired by Plein’s collection, created by artists from Kawai Gallery.



Metamorphosis is another name for Art Box Experience. Our space can adapt to the artistic vision of our clients, which makes our events unique. This was also the case with the Jaguar event, inspired by metamorphoses.

Among the guests were artists: Mirosław Zbrojewicz, Krystyna Prońko, Maciej Zakościelny, Marta Wiejak, and Wojciech Brzeziński. It was not just an ordinary party. It was an experience. This motto also guides Art Box Experience daily, where entertainment merges with art and technology, creating multidimensional experiences.

See what this multisensory artistic spectacle looked like. Remember, our space can accommodate a car, as was the case with Jaguar.



InPost is one of the most innovative Polish brands. It has revolutionized the way we think about receiving ordered packages.

We are delighted that the Art Box Experience space was chosen for the corporate event, which was attended by the CEO of InPost, Rafał Brzoska. Check out the report from this event.

konferencja prasowa


We are very grateful to Plej agency for their trust and are thrilled that the PLAY press conference went so well!

Premiera systemu


Galeco is a Polish company that effectively competes with large international corporations, and their latest product can certainly be called innovative.

From reliable sources, we know that the launch of this system made a significant impact across the industry. The event took place at the Art Box Experience space. We made every effort to present this innovative product well. And it seems we succeeded.

fashion show

H&M x Mugler

Was this one of the most spectacular events in our space? Perhaps…

The event had a special significance for the H&M brand. During the event, the latest clothing line in collaboration with the legendary French fashion house Mugler was presented. The collection is an extension of the great legacy of the brand’s founder, Thierry Mugler.

Among the guests were Marina Łuczenko, Maffashion, Natasza Urbańska, Malik Montana, Michał Szpak, and many others…

25-lecie firmy

Platige Image

Is a company’s 25th anniversary an important event? We think so. That’s why it’s worth ensuring the right setting, and Art Box Experience is the perfect place for it.

A company Christmas party doesn’t have to be boring, as we proved together with Platige Image. Their anniversary, combined with the festive atmosphere, concluded with a jazz concert. In this way, our space magically transformed into an energetic concert hall.


20th Anniversary

People can fly

The end of last year was magical for PCF. The team from across Europe gathered in Warsaw to celebrate the studio’s 20th anniversary and the holiday season.

It was truly a special evening – full of fun, dance, and laughter.

Bombay Sapphire

The Trzupki Duo, Ada Zielińska, and Augustynka – these four artists from completely different fields joined forces, and the result could be seen at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery event in Art Box Experience.

The inspiration for the exhibition was the color of sapphire glass. The show was impressive, as to express their visions, the artists used the most modern animation display technologies that we provide. Additionally, we built a garden from scratch, which was entirely made up of ingredients from Bombay Sapphire gin.

Hitachi Digital Forum 2023

The event focused on debates and discussions with invited guests, with the main topic being the role of digitization in the face of challenges faced by various industries.

Complementing this futuristic theme was a highly futuristic multisensory dinner, featuring projections that we displayed… on the guests’ tables. Art Box Experience is the only venue where such a display is possible. Yes, we checked that!

The HEINEKEN Company and newonce

We arranged the interiors of the virtual event by filling them with futuristic installations inspired by the creations that Spanish artist J. Demsky designed for Heineken. He designed a bar in the virtual space of Decentraland (an online 3D world), which was later physically constructed in Madrid.

Unlike Demsky’s initially virtual bar, ours was real. All guests could enjoy Heineken Silver in the company of the legendary group JWP. It was a great event, showcasing the almost limitless possibilities of our space.



The event was organized to celebrate the awarding of the Positive Opinion Certificate from the Mother and Child Institute to one of the devices manufactured by this brand.

Our space provided the opportunity to present all the most important values of the company, but also allowed for a great arrangement of the space, which resembled a home equipped with Dyson devices.


We are extremely pleased to have hosted a group of finalists of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe Award, including many companies from Poland, at the Art Box Experience.



The Maybelline New York Stories event at Art Box Experience is a dose of New York inspiration, featuring multisensory installations. It’s a unique, multifunctional immersive space where the intersection of art, makeup, digital technology, and music creates unique multisensory spectacles.

If you're interested, please get in touch with us.