Retro Warszawa
Retro Warszawa
Take an exciting trip around Warsaw... from 100 years ago!

The multisensory exhibition RETRO WARSAW, based on the digitally reconstructed archival materials, takes us back to the capital city full of bustle, music and colours of the interwar period, resurrecting a world that seemed to be gone forever.

Thanks to the pioneering 360-screen immersive projection system, viewers can literally immerse themselves in the everyday life of interwar Warsaw, feel its rhythm, unique atmosphere and colour.

The projections were created by world-class specialists in visual effects, including the Platige Image studio.

Jan Młynarski is the author of the sound and music setting.

Tour time: 40 minutes+

Exhibition opening: March 25th

Travel back in time to Retro Warsaw with the Art Box Experience. Discover its story through a brand new, immersive adventure

We used archival films and photos to tell the story of Retro Warsaw. Thanks to AI technology, we have given them a completely new meaning, while combining them with the latest animation techniques. This unforgettable journey to the old capital will take you approximately 30 minutes.