About Us

Enter the audiovisual world with Art Box Experience. Discover multimedia exhibitions on a mixture of art, music, culture, history and science.

ART BOX EXPERIENCE is a multifunctional space for immersive experiences, where unique multisensory exhibitions, performances, concerts and events are created at the intersection of art, science, digital technology and entertainment.

Digitized images projected on dozens of integrated screens surround our guests from all sides. Thanks to the pioneering 360 projection system, we can literally immerse ourselves in worlds created by advanced technologies - with a unique experience guaranteed.


Expand your horizons, open yourself up to a world of new sensations!



With technology, we want to expand horizons, teach and entertain through experience.


We believe that our activities and technologies will make knowledge and science more accessible than ever before, and that entertainment will not only provide pleasure, but also open us up and enrich us - through previously unknown experiences and sensations - with new knowledge about the world and ourselves.


That is why our multi-sensory exhibitions about the world, art, history, culture and science - realized exclusively for ART BOX EXPERIENCE - are designed to teach and inspire, and at the same time to provide emotions and a large dose of excitement..




What is it? Using advanced technologies to map video projections onto 360 screens and sound, digital artists create an environment that viewers experience directly. This is exactly what we offer at the Art Box Experience - full immersion in the rush of colors, shapes and textures of the art world, interwar Warsaw, a tropical jungle, or a thrilling VJ night...


The Art Box Experience is a safe environment: a huge space, limited admission ticket sales for specific time slots, and enforced anti-covid19 security rules. The efficient ventilation system exchanges air efficiently and quickly.

In an innovatively designed space of 800 m2 filled with advanced technology we offer a promise of a new dimension of reality. A system of dozens of projectors, top quality zone speakers, moving screens, reflective flooring - we have everything to provide our guests with a new, unprecedented experience.



The ART BOX EXPERIENCE was created out of the passion and commitment of

Joanna Kowalkowska (CEO and co-founder of Art Box Gallery S.A., passionate about new technologies and social media, graduate of the product design department at Central Saint Martin College, artistic director and creative producer of theater projects, concerts and exhibitions),


Piotr Sikora (co-founder of Art Box Gallery S.A, co-founder of Art Box Gallery S.A., founder and long-term CEO of Platige Image - animation and film studio awarded at the most prestigious film festivals, including two BAFTA awards and an Oscar nomination, producer of numerous films, executive producer of The Witcher series created by Netflix, passionate about computer graphics, film and new technologies), and


Mateusz Labuda (Art Box Gallery S.A. partner, long-term deputy director of the National Museum in Warsaw and the Museum of Warsaw, culture manager, educator, expert on transformation of cultural institutions, long-term manager of the Maanam band and music promoter).

Anna Kozioł

Julia Muranowicz

Paweł Merecz

Ryszard Rogocki