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The multisensory exhibition RETRO WARSAW – based on digitally reconstructed archival footage – takes us back to the bustling, musical and colorful world of the interwar capital, resurrecting a world that seemed to be gone forever.

Thanks to an innovative 360o projection system, they can immerse themselves in the daily life of interwar Warsaw, feel its rhythm, unique atmosphere and color.

The projections were created by world-class visual effects specialists, including experts from the Platige Image studio.

The author of the soundtrack is Jan Mlynarski.
Tour time: 40 minutes +

Exhibition partners:

Dom Spotkań z Historią
Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN

Muzeum Fabryki Norblina
Muzeum Warszawy
Stołeczny Konserwator Zabytków

Imagine Warsaw in its heyday. The bustling streets during the 20 years between the wars. Traffic and bustle. Who wouldn’t want, at least for a moment, to move to the capital of that time. And, what if it were possible? Now Retro Warsaw stands open before you.

The city is waking up to life. And you find yourself in the very center of it. Retro Warsaw is a story built over the span of a single day – from sunrise to sunset. Walking through its streets, you will discover more secrets of Warsaw from the interwar period.

Wandering through the city streets, you will visit the Norblin Factory and the Saski Palace. You will find yourself in a club, restaurant and listen to a recital.

Transport yourself on a journey to Retro Warsaw together with Art Box Experience. Experience its history through a brand new immersive experience.

Transport yourself on a journey to Retro Warsaw together with Art Box Experience.

Discover its history through a brand new immersive experience.

Retro Warsaw is a story we built using archival films and photos. Thanks to AI technology, we gave them a whole new meaning, while combining them with state-of-the-art animation techniques. This unforgettable journey to the capital will take you about 40 minutes.

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