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We are a multifunctional immersive space where at the intersection of art, unique multisensory spectacles are created - exhibitions, performances, concerts, as well as memorable events.

We provide extraordinary experiences of meetings, idea exchange, and a world of new sensations.

Visit us and discover what Art Box Experience has in store for you!

On an area of ​​800 m2, we have created a space that offers almost unlimited possibilities of arrangement thanks to the use of the latest technologies. State-of-the-art projectors and integrated movable screens bring digitized images to life in the highest available resolution. They are accompanied by a spherical sound track.

An ultramodern, immersive 360° projection system allows event participants to fully immerse themselves in a wide range of multisensory experiences created using advanced technologies. We can delve into the depths of the oceans, find ourselves in the heart of a vibrant tropical jungle, or step onto the bustling streets of pre-war Warsaw. It is the viewer who decides which journey to embark on.

Open yourself to a world of new sensations!

On 800 m2, thanks to an advanced system of several dozen state-of-the-art projectors and integrated movable screens, digitized images come to life.


Through technology, we push the boundaries of knowledge. We educate and entertain through multisensory experiences. We believe that through our actions and technologies, knowledge and learning can be conveyed more accessibly than ever before, and entertainment will provide not only pleasure but also openness and sensitivity. Through previously unknown experiences and sensations, we enrich our understanding of the world and ourselves. At ART BOX EXPERIENCE, we develop multisensory exhibitions on art, history, culture, science, and ecology in collaboration with authorities from various fields to educate, inspire, evoke emotions, and provide a significant dose of unforgettable experiences.

Immersive space

What is immersion? It is the process of immersing the senses in virtual reality. Through advanced technologies of video projection mapping on 360° screens and top-quality digital sound, artists create an environment that engages the viewer in the experience.

This is precisely what we offer at ART BOX EXPERIENCE – full immersion in a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and textures of the art world, interwar Warsaw, tropical jungles, captivating visual experiments, or serene contemplation. The hyper-realistic experiences are enhanced by a reflective floor.


ART BOX EXPERIENCE is a modern and safe space: with a large volume, efficient ventilation system, and air exchange, as well as disability-friendly solutions. Ticket sales are conducted in limited batches for specific time slots.

Fabryka Norblina, where ART BOX EXPERIENCE is located, is situated in the heart of Warsaw’s Wola district. It is a modern space in a historic location with a history of over 200 years, which now serves as an entertainment, cultural, and business center, combining the memory of the past with modern technologies. You will find us on the second floor.


We are a group of enthusiasts and experts from various fields: visual arts, animation, technology, education, media, and special events, who passionately and knowledgeably work every day to ensure that ART BOX EXPERIENCE provides our audience with top-level entertainment.

Joanna Kowalkowska


Piotr Sikora

Założyciel / Founder

Mateusz Labuda

Vice President / Wiceprezes

Magda Narczewska

Financial Director / Dyrektor Finansowa

Anna Kozioł


Marta Roszkowska


Antoni Sikora

Producer / Producent

Ola Kresowska

Education / Edukacja

Maria Stolarska

Education / Edukacja

Ryszard Rogocki

Tech & Events / Technologia i Eventy

Karolina Młynarz

Kierowniczka Marketingu

Maria Broedner

Asystent Marketingu